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Celebrate National Park Week April 16-24


Experience Nature in the Wild on the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service – America’s national parks, monuments and lands are uniquely different — in their make-up and their locale — but they all seek to tell a part of America’s story. National Park Week is coming up April 16-24 in one of the…

Unforced Errors, Miscalculations End Jeb Bush’s White House Hopes

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Jeb Bush speaks during a campaign event in Greenville, South Carolina

By Steve Holland – CHARLESTON, S.C. (Reuters) – Before Donald Trump’s put-downs and the stumbles in presidential debates, and before the profound frustration of voters became so unmistakably apparent, Jeb Bush appeared to be best positioned to win back the White House for Republicans in 2016. He amassed a $150 million war chest in 2015,…

President Obama Will Ask Congress for $300 Billion to Rebuild Roads and Railways to Put Americans to Work


By Glynn Wilson – President Barack Obama announced Wednesday that he will ask Congress for $300 billion to begin rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure starting with aging roads and railways, making the argument that the taxpayer investment is a worthy cause that will pay huge dividends by attracting businesses and helping get unemployed people back to…