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We Can All Learn From the Russian Indictments and Tactics


The Big Picture –  By Glynn Wilson – BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — If special counsel Robert Mueller can issue 14 indictments against Russians who conspired to mess with an election in the United States who he will never actually be able to drag into court and jail, why can’t he indict the top man who obviously…

To Build A Wall


By Rowland Scherman – Mr. Trump has tried very hard to implement his campaign promises, the tax cut for the richest, the dismantling of Obamacare and many others. His idea to build a wall is his plan to protect national security. “Good fences make good neighbors.” Most people, it seems, choose to regard those words…

Science - Environment

Massive Reserves of Mercury Hidden Under Thawing Permafrost Could Be Released Due to Warming


Science News – Researchers have discovered that permafrost in the northern hemisphere stores massive amounts of natural mercury, a finding with significant implications for human health and ecosystems worldwide as global temperatures rise and melt the ice covering it up and keeping it trapped. In a new study published in in Geophysical Research Letters, a…

New NASA Space Sensors to Address Key Earth Science Questions


By Glynn Wilson – Why is the Arctic warming faster than the rest of the planet? Does mineral dust warm or cool the atmosphere? These are actual questions just out from NASA about an ongoing research program. While the Trump administration has banished the use of the term climate change or global warming from the…

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Protest Trump’s Budget Or Face the Ultimate Disaster


Trump Declares All Out War on the Poor, the Environment, the World –   By Glynn Wilson – The hour grows late. The situation dire and dark. The proposed fiscal 2019 federal budget unveiled Monday by President Donald J. Trump, which is certain to draw criticism and debate in Congress and massive acts of resistance…

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Resurrect the Slave Ship Clotilda, Save Africatown and Rectify History


By David Underhill – MOBILE, Ala. – Maybe it once made sense to allow the police to put bad dudes out of business by seizing their stuff. “Civil forfeiture” gave cops an OK to snatch dope dealers’ cash, vehicles and other assets without having to wait for trials and convictions. But these seizures became so…

Trump is Running a Criminal Enterprise Out of the White House


By Glynn Wilson – It has been clear for some time now that President Donald J. Trump is running a criminal enterprise out of the White House. Finally, a credible source said it out loud on TV. During a segment an MSNBC on Tuesday, Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean said President Trump is…