Mardi Gras in Mobile Has Become a Circus

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DSCN0568 - Mardi Gras in Mobile Has Become a Circus

Cirque du Mardi Gras comes to Mobile

By Catherine Bullock Rainey –
Arts Editor –

With the glamor of a Broadway show and the ambience of a carnival, Venardos Circus brings a whole new light to entertainment and the festivities of Mardi Gras.

“We are proof that the circus is not coming to an end!” announced ringmaster and producer Kevin Venardos during the Cirque du Mardi Gras event at Alabama Contemporary Art Center occurring this month.

One only has to search the Internet concerning reoccurring circus events to know that the long-standing Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is coming to a close. The 146-year-old carnival will put on its last show this May.

Venardos began his ringmaster career with Ringling in the year 2000 after an open audition in New York City. He remained with the troupe for a few years and then joined another circus. Now he is the producer and ringmaster of his own The Little Circus That Could, LLC.

His company has arrived in Mobile for a short and marvelous stint to express the true meaning of circus performance. Attending one show just isn’t enough.

The spectacular extravaganza opens with dance and acrobatics including Venardos singing while donning enough sequins and gemstones (paired with an elegant top hat) to make any performer proud.

IMG 6582 284x300 - Mardi Gras in Mobile Has Become a Circus

Fire Breathing

Amazing feats of strength and agility greet the audience. Some of which include a dangerous performance of walking on an extremely sharp sword, a mind-boggling archery trick and spectacular aerial gymnastics.

Not only is the theme of Mardi Gras prevalent with a Queen of Mardi Gras, portrayed by Diana Dorothy who is also a producer of The Little Circus That Could, LLC, but Joe Cain makes a feathered-hat appearance.

“Live your circus dreams,” says Dorothy as the show is about to begin.

“Everyone that’s come through the door has been wonderful, the lights in their eyes, you can never have too many sparkles,” Venardos declares before commencing his splendid performance.

With the show going on until February 14, don’t miss out on this unique experience. Tickets are available at

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Venardos Circus Finale


Click below for a video preview:

Venardos Circus: Cirque du Mardi Gras Teaser

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