Celebrate Earth Day 24 on April 22 with NASA on Social Media

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This Earth Day, April 22, NASA is inviting people around the world to share what they are doing to celebrate and improve the home planet on social media, while the space agency shares aspects of a “day in the life” of NASA’s Earth science research.

The Earth Day #24Seven campaign will give the world a glimpse at the various efforts NASA undertakes to protect and understand the home planet. NASA will post time-stamped snapshot “moments” throughout the day on numerous Earth-related social media accounts to collectively paint a picture of NASA Earth science.

NASA uses the vantage point of space to improve our understanding of the most complex planet seen yet. The agency’s Earth-observing satellites, airborne research and field campaigns are designed to observe our planet’s dynamic systems – oceans, ice sheets, forests and atmosphere – and improve the ability to understand how the planet is changing and could change.

For more information on the #24Seven project, visit NASA’s website for the event and on the Facebook page.

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