Camper Van Living Week Two: Wildlife in Greenbelt Park

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A white-tailed deer feeding on the grass by the Greenbelt Park Ranger Station: Glynn Wilson

Secret Vistas –
By Glynn Wilson

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Shhh. Don’t tell anybody. Just between you and I we wouldn’t want to spoil the secret of this place.

But it is a fact that in the distance of a short train ride from the nation’s capital, you can be camping in a federal campground with an abundance of white-tailed deer, a few foxes and other wildlife and blissing out on some early fall weather.

It got down to 48 degrees here last night, but only down to 60 in the camper van. And the high temperature today, according to the iPhone weather station for College Park, Maryland, was 72 degrees. Just about perfect.

It’s only supposed to go down to 54 degrees tonight. Great sleeping weather. After many years of sleeping for the most part on my stomach, for reasons I won’t go into, I am able to sleep on my back in this setup, partially propped up on a pile of pillows covered in leopard skin.

We dumped some possessions into storage yesterday morning making the van setup a lot more comfortable. Today is the best day yet on this more permanent of road trips. We had time to walk around the park with the Nikon and snap a few shots this afternoon.

Lots of routine things yet to work through to make this home. But we are well on our way. Jefferson seems content with the move so far. He loves cool weather and campgrounds.

Unfortunately, I do not yet have round the clock electricity and Internet access, without cranking up the generator, that is, which is a tad noisy. So I better get back to the campfire and shut it off now that I’ve warmed the jambalaya in the microwave and charged up the cell phone.

I’ll post updates on how things are going as often as possible. We should get that video interview soon with the curator of the Nation to Nation exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian.

I’m keeping up with other stories from afar as well and will post as time and resources allow.

See you down the trail. Somewhere, somehow…

© 2014, Glynn Wilson. All rights reserved.