More Salacious Allegations Surface Against Pious Roy Moore

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Embattled Judge Roy Moore, speaking on Saturday, said a Washington Post report about him was ‘fake news’: Marvin Gentry/Reuters


By Glynn Wilson –

MOBILE, Ala. — Another woman from Alabama has come forward with a story saying she was sexually attacked and almost raped as a teenager by U.S. Senate candidate and former Ten Commandments judge Roy Moore.

Beverly Young Nelson, from Anniston, appeared at a press conference with attorney Gloria Allred Monday in New York and said she met Moore when she was 15 and a waitress at a local restaurant. He was an assistant district attorney in Etowah County in his 30s and he often flirted with her, she said, pulling her long red hair. She says she did not respond to his advances.

But one night, when she was 16-year-old student at Gadsden High School, she said Moore offered her a ride after work, pulled his car behind the restaurant, and attacked her.

“Mr. Moore reached over and began groping me and put his hand on my breast,” she said, sobbing. “I tried to get out and he reached over and locked (the door) and I yelled and told him to stop.”

She said Moore put his hand on her neck and forced her head down on his crotch.

“I continued to struggle,” she said. “I was determined that I was not going to allow him to force me to have sex with him. I was terrified. He was also trying to pull my shirt off. I thought he was going to rape me. I was twisting and struggling and begging him to stop. I had tears running down my face.”

“You’re just a child and I’m the district attorney of Etowah County, and if you tell anyone about this, no one will believe you,” Moore said, according to Nelson. She says she fell or was pushed out of the car. “The passenger door was still open as he burned rubber pulling away, leaving me laying there on the cold concrete in the dark.”

She said that her neck was “black and blue and purple” the next day and she quit her job at the restaurant so she would not have to see Moore again.

After the press conference, Roy Moore came out and claimed he never knew the girl or the restaurant. But during the press conference, Nelson showed a yearbook with an inscription from Moore saying “To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say Merry Christmas. Christmas 1977. Love, Roy Moore, DA.”

Nelson claims she shared the incident with her sister then, and later, her mother and husband.

Allred simply described Nelson as a “business owner,” and although she is not exploring any criminal charges or civil proceedings against Moore, she is willing to testify under oath about the incident.

To avoid any political backlash or face charges that they are Democrats out to get Moore, Allred said Nelson and her husband were supporters of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

“My husband and I supported Donald Trump for president,” she said. “This has nothing whatsoever to do with the Republicans or the Democrats. It has everything to do with Mr. Moore’s sexual assault when I was a teenager.”

Roy Moore’s opponent in the special election, Doug Jones, issued the following statement in light of the allegations.

“We applaud the courage of these women,” Jones said. “Roy Moore will be held accountable by the people of Alabama for his actions.”


Another woman from Alabama is expected to reveal even more damning charges of sexual assault against the pious former judge Roy Moore on Monday at a press conference in New York, according to a news release from attorney Gloria Allred.

The press conference with the new accuser, whose name hasn’t been made public, is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. CST (2:30 p.m. EST). Advance reports on the new allegations indicate she will say that Moore sexually assaulted her when she was a minor.

“The new accuser wishes to state what she alleges Roy Moore did to her without her consent,” a news release from Allred says.

The new allegations come on the heals of a sensational report from The Washington Post detailing sexual allegations against Moore, who is alleged to have had romantic, sexual encounters with four teenage girls when he was in his early 30s while working as an assistant district attorney in Gadsden.

One of the girls, Leigh Corfman, was 14 and said Moore undressed her and touched her over her bra and underwear while guiding her hand to touch him over his underwear. There were no charges that actual sexual intercourse took place, or rape, since she demanded to be taken home and Moore complied.

But in the national climate with sexual allegations flying against powerful men in Hollywood and elsewhere, that is not going to matter. His behavior was innappropriate and wrong, and the story will continue to grow as more investigations come to light. These stories tend to act like a snowball rolling down hill. Once they get started, there is no stopping them.

Sources now tell us that Moore was banned from not only the Gadsden Mall and the local YMCA for innappropriate advances toward local teenagers. Now the local public library has been added to the list. There are other stories in the works about these things as we report this.

Of course Roy Moore is Alabama’s Republican candidate in the special election to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions when Trump appointed him attormey general. His opponent is Democrat Doug Jones, who has reached out to Republicans and independents and is now either tied with Moore or leading in the race, according to the latest polls

While Moore continues to defend himself and call the mainstream media investigative reporting “fake news,” many Republicans are running from supporting Moore like ticks jumping from a poisoned hound.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is saying he believes the women who were quoted in a Washington Post story about Moore’s past relationships with them as young women.

“I believe the women, yes,” McConnell said Monday in response to a question from the press.

“I think he should step aside,” the Republican from Kentucky said, although it is not clear what that means. The ballots for the Dec. 12 election have already been printed and people are already voting by absentee ballot.

Other Republicans in the Senate who have withdrawn their support for Moore include Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Susan Collins of Maine, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Steve Daines of Montana and Mike Lee of Utah.

Moore, on the other hand, is going around saying that “the person who should step aside is Mitch McConnell. He has failed conservatives and must be replaced.” On Twitter, he used the hashtag #DrainTheSwamp.

Many mainstream news outlets, including the New Yorker, which is owned by Newhouse, which gave us Donald Trump, are acting as appologists for Moore by reporting that Moore’s supporters are standing by their man.

Of course this is all fair and balanced, and makes for great evidence against a malice charge in a libel suit, but is not that helpful in informing the public about how to actually vote in a democracy.

Moore is now claiming he will file a libel lawsuit against The Washington Post. Some liberal, Democratic bloggers dismiss this, including Josh Marshall of the Talking Points Memo.

But it would be a mistake to dismiss this claim outright. Moore could file a lawsuit and cost the Post a lot of money to defend itself. There are many Republicans on the federal bench these days, and other publications have lost costly libel suits in recent years, including Mother Jones and Rolling Stone. The right judge could toss it out as a frivolous lawsuit. There is no guarantee. That’s one reason elections matter.

There are reports out that while President Donald Trump is not filling many positions in the federal government, he has appointed more judges in his first 200 days than Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. The Republicans know all about how important the courts are in winning elections. Just ask former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.

Meanwhile, NBC’s Saturday Night Live continues to have a field day with the Moore sex scandal story, also featuring Jeff Sessions. They are both “too Alabama.”


Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore pulls out a gun at a campaign rally on Monday, Sept. 25: Facebook

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  1. Ernie Lazar
    November 14, 2017 at 12:45 am

    There would not be much point for Roy Moore to file a defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post because American libel law makes it virtually impossible to prevail when the lawsuit concerns discussion of public figures and politicians.

    The only exception would be if the defendant (i.e. Washington Post) could be shown to knowingly publish what they knew to be false information (i.e. publish falsehoods because of their malice aka reckless disregard for truth).

    However, by all accounts, Post reporters performed due diligence and carefully researched the rumors which they heard about during their 3 week investigation re: Moore–including interviewing 30 different individuals. They then reported what they discovered.

    Any lawsuit by Moore would probably be summarily dismissed as frivolous.

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