In A Post-Literate Society, Trump Might As Well Be President

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The Big Picture –
By Glynn Wilson

The first night of the Republican convention in Cleveland was hard to watch.

I flipped around some on broadcast TeeVee to see what was going on, and the poor news casters were having a hard time keeping a straight face and reporting the news with fairness and balance, without fear or favor.

I kept wanting to call Tim Roth of the show “Lie To Me” to get his analysis of their facial expressions.

It all started when a Facebook live post started going around saying the “#Never Trump” forces had stormed out of the convention hall in protest when their effort to try and nominate someone else failed.

But the biggest news the next morning on Facebook and Twitter was that Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech from 2008.

This is not good. Not because she did it and it’s dominating the news. But because 42 percent of the American public could freaking care less.

In a post-literate society, Donald Trump might as well be president. Clearly, he has no interest in reading himself. He just shoots from the hip and goes on basic instinct.

Thanks to a new expose just out in the Newhouse rag The New Yorker, of course, we now know that Trump is just a pathologically impulsive and self-centered sociopath, who doesn’t even own any books.

But why should that matter?

Again, at least 42 percent of the American public does not seem to care.

In a country that has been torn in recent weeks by racist violence and the inevitable backlash, where it has become clear that the Second Amendment does not apply to people of color, one would think the Republicans would try to avoid blatant racism on national TeeVee. But nooo. They had to show off Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King, whose racist remarks made news too.

Poor Senator Jefferson Beauregard “Jeff” Sessions III of Alabama, who was recently touted as the inevitable pick for Veep by news organizations and bloggers alike in his home state, could not seem to get one line of applause during his little speech. It left me wondering if the Republican National Committee forgot to set up the APPLAUD signs.

Never mind all that. Hillary and Bill Clinton were seen around town trying to steal Trump’s news thunder, but the best she could get was a quote on Twitter from Charlie Rose, to wit: “Trump is the most dangerous presidential candidate in the history of this country.”

Maybe. We think George W. Bush was pretty damn dangerous. They elected him anyway, twice.

Speaking of Bush, did y’all see the video going around on Facebook the other day from the memorial service in Dallas? Was Bush really so drugged up on happy pills an/or drunk that he was smiling, laughing and dancing while everyone else looked somber?

Of course, again, at least 42 percent of the American public does not seem to care.

Why should we?

The poor guy looked like he really did belong in a padded room somewhere. We’ve got a few left in the old Brice Hospital in Tuscaloosa for him, if we could find a prosecutor to let him out of his misery by going ahead and putting him on trial for war crimes.

Hey, we like putting Republicans on trial in Alabama. Of course we like electing them first. Maybe he could join Mike Hubbard in a nice cold cell somewhere in a private prison, where I’m sure the inmates would fall in love with his ass.

Woops. Sorry for that.

No I’m not.

Nobody reads anyway, unless it is a line on Twitter or a paragraph on Facebook. I’m sure no one will read far enough down to be insulted by this.

If you happen to be the one, could you let us know you are out there by maybe making a comment, and/or sending in a little donation via PayPal? Otherwise how will we know it is you, the last reader in America?

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  3 comments for “In A Post-Literate Society, Trump Might As Well Be President

  1. July 19, 2016 at 8:20 pm

    Thanks for the donations … and lost comments on Facebook. They will be lost forever tomorrow.

  2. July 19, 2016 at 8:22 pm

    For the record, I will not be voting in November. Got to stay fair and balanced, don’t you know…

  3. Margaret Marston
    July 19, 2016 at 10:14 pm

    I care. I donated. One of the tragedies of this election cycle is the abysmal failure of what passes for news and journalism. Thanks to you for shedding light and writing critically. Heart. Margaret (

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