Living in a Political Mudslide in Alabama

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By Walter Simon –

We seem to be a society living in denial when it comes to a lot of things.


It’s as if we are sitting there eating and drinking at a downtown restaurant, lost in the enjoyment of the immediate surroundings, but since our world is obviously become like the Twilight Zone we have only look out the window and see it for what it really is — a disaster that is no longer waiting to happen.

The industrial landscape is giving way to a slow-motion mudslide of internet memes which pass for human thought, the tide rises, the mudslide picks up speed. The restaurant begins to pitch under the tide of red mud. The people cling to the flotsam and jetsom, the remains of the foreclosed homes bound and glued together by man, nature, and chaos by six pack rings, tar sands and fluttering plastic bags.

If we don’t mobilize in solidarity against the coming inevitable economic and environmental disasters, our leaders wil be chosen for us, and as usual, these regent lords will speak of principles that won’t survive a wad of cash, and if they wish to avoid criticism they can always say it’s Obama’s fault. They don’t believe the BS they feed the public, and they will cash into the contrary, and your blessed withering Newhouse blogsite will report it like the flight attendant offering you a tiny bottle of vodka to go with your alka-seltzer.

Imagine you’re on the first new Airbus coming off the runway at Brookley Field right here in Mobile, Alabama… Your flight is about to depart…now on the runway…taking off…and now’s your chance at a close up of the two towers, both pointed skyward, throbbing with red lights aglow, the spires above the Battlehouse Hotel framing a Cresent Moon symbolically as the engines of a froggy-French Airbus bound for Tehran whine and roar. Thank god they’re not our enemy anymore!

Right, Governor Bentley? “If you’re not Christian, you’re not my friend?”

I am asking for your attention regarding how people get their news. Many of you probably spend quite a bit of time communicating and learning using mobile devices or home computers that access the World Wide Web. You would want the best information available. You would probably call that a news source you could trust. The best social networking media form to reach the most people. Twitter reaches more people because of its more direct interface, but I have a lot of FB friends that I only know through mutual interests, so we are trying to steer people to our Web Press.

If you want to make a difference, like Bernie Sanders, you have a vested interest in seeing the most effective use of our growing political awareness and empowerment. Join us and participate in the discussion here, not just on Facebook.

Then, maybe we’ve forgotten or underestimated traditional media like television, newsletters, zines, graffitti, campfire songs, punk rock bands.

But who in the hell has time for all that? Think about it.

© 2016, Walter Simon. All rights reserved.

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  1. Walter Simon
    January 24, 2016 at 11:35 pm

    When Gaia and garbage join forces, our final doom

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