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Vietnam Should Be Considered a Friend and Ally of the United States


Help promote a free and independent watchdog press. Share…­By James Rhodes – Special to the New American Journal – HANOI, Vietnam — Political pundit Bill Maher frequents laments over the stupidity and ignorance of the voting electorate in the United States. What amazes me is how grossly understated this phenomena actually happens to be. The…

Fish Markets Muddy the Water of Capitalism


Help promote a free and independent watchdog press. Share… By James Rhodes – HANOI, Vietnam – When I taught economics at the college level, my students learned that our capitalistic system which included production, industry, distribution and delivery systems under private ownership operated for profit. All decisions regarding supply, demand, price, distribution, and investments were…

The U.S. Could Learn From Vietnam’s ‘One For All’ Not ‘All For One’ Philosophy


Help promote a free and independent watchdog press. Share…Jim Rhodes – Income inequality, raising the minimum wage, an unfair tax structure, gender based wages, corporate outsourcing to avoid taxes and adequately compensating workers has provided Bernie Sanders with issues that resonate with the working poor, students, veterans, and a cross section of Americans excluded by…