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How We Are Going to Fund the New Free Press


The Big Picture – By Glynn Wilson – Do you wake up in the morning, make the coffee, crank up your computer and look at your Facebook news feed and ever feel confused about what’s really going on in the world? Don’t feel bad. You are not alone. Rapid changes in technology over the past…

U.S. No Stranger to Interfering in Elections of Other Countries


Editor’s Note: While the United States is calling for sanctions against Russia for accusations of interference in the 2016 US elections, it is being exceptionally hypocritical. The US has a sad and long history of interfering in the elections of many other countries in the world. As noted in the LA Times article below “One…

Obama Justice Department Revises Rules for Spying on the News Media


By Glynn Wilson – The U.S. Justice Department has revised its rules for spying on news organizations in leak investigations, promising that in most cases the federal government will notify news outlets in advance of spying on them, according to the Associated Press. Attorney General Eric Holder, who came under criticism last year when it…