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Freshman Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz Faces Protesters


Republican Defends Bill to Abolish the EPA By Glynn Wilson – MILTON, Fla. — Freshman Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz faced protesters and supporters at his first day of town hall events since the election, defending a bill he put forward with three cosigners in the House to abolish the EPA. The Florida Panhandle Progressives, local…

People Across the Globe Rally to Protest the Dakota Access Pipeline


By Glynn Wilson – MOBILE, Ala. — People around the country and across the globe held demonstrations, rallies and marches protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline in Cannon Ball, North Dakota on Tuesday as the Standing Rock Sioux continued their vigil in the Sacred Stone camp at the confluence of the Missouri and Cannon Ball rivers.…

Is What’s Good For Facebook Not So Good For Democracy?


Why the social-media honeymoon may be over for some activists. By Sarah Jaffe – Around the country, thousands have returned to the streets again to protest the deaths of black people at the hands of the police. One of those deaths, the shooting of 32-year-old Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, was broadcast on Facebook…