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Explosion at Paper Mill in Florida Generates Little News Coverage


BREAKING NEWS – By Glynn Wilson – A paper mill explosion Sunday night at the International Paper plant in Cantonment, Florida, generated typical local news coverage where the newspaper and television news stations are more concerned about a road closing and the status of schools than a deadly, toxic substance contaminating the area for workers…

Colonial Pipeline Explosion and Fire Under Investigation


By Glynn Wilson – The National Transportation Safety Board has opened an investigation into the Colonial Pipeline explosion and fire in Helena, Alabama, which killed one worker and seriously injured four others. The major gasoline pipeline, built in 1963, that had already busted in September and was leaking, causing fears of a gas shortage in…

Scientists Finally Count Dead Birds from BP Gulf Oil Disaster


By Glynn Wilson – It was July 5, 2010, while BP’s Deepwater Horizon was still gushing into the Gulf of Mexico and I was watching helpless from Gulf Shores, Alabama, that I began to ask the question: Where Oh Where Have All the Wildlife Gone? Are most of the birds already dead from the oil,…