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Right-to-Lifers Vote to Kill Children and Kidney Patients


By David Underhill – MOBILE, Ala. – The fetus is the new Jerusalem. Medieval crusaders fancied they were on a divine mission when they marched toward the Holy City to save it from the Muslim infestation. The sanctity of this quest gave them permission to do whatever advanced toward the goal. Rape and plunder propelled…

The Alabama Legislature’s Strange Idea of a ‘Lean’ Budget

Del Marsh May 20 2013 160x120 - The Alabama Legislature's Strange Idea of a 'Lean' Budget

Education Matters – By Larry Lee – It was just a little snippet of news. Just a few hundred words. And while few Alabamians probably saw it, it should have made headlines on the front page of every state newspaper and been the lead story on every TV news cast. Because it was another glaring…

Don’t Eat the Corrupt Sausage Served Up by the Alabama Legislature


Education Matters – By Larry Lee – We have all been told that one should never watch either legislation or sausage being made. Having grown up long ago on a south Alabama farm, I took part in more than a few “hog killins” and know all about making sausage. I’ve also witnessed legislation being birthed…