Africatown Leaders Travel the World for Conservation, Environmental Justice

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Joe Womack expresses concern for his community while showing a map of the area: Glynn Wilson

Africatown News –
By Joe Womack

A Renaissance is unfolding surrounding the Africatown Community here in Mobile County Alabama.

The Africatown Community received a visit from a member of the Council for The Preservation of National Historical Treasures located in Washington,D.C. to determine dangers posed to Africatown by decisions made by businessmen and politicians. He was quite concerned about what we had to show and tell him.

On September 11 a community meeting was sponsored by MEJAC, a local environmental group of which Africatown residents are members, to talk about dangers the construction of Super Crude Oil Storage Tanks pose to the community.

Recently, MEJAC members have traveled to Canada, Switzerland, New York, Birmingham, Alabama and Houston, Texas to learn more about World Conservation and spread the word about Africatown’s fight for Environmental Justice.

Also, led by the new headmaster at MCTS Mr. Douglas July, the new MCTS Alumni Association President Mr. Anderson Flen, Community Leader Mr. Cleon Jones and the initial efforts shown by two new organizations, The Africatown Community Development Corporation and Mobile Enviromental Justice Action Coalition (MEJAC), positive changes are occurring that should not only benefit the community but also the entire Mobile area.

Construction on the new athletic field has yet to begin and the dressing/locker rooms in the gym do not have hot water. The kids are doing their job, we must hold Mobile School System Personnel responsible to do their jobs. We expect a lot from the kids but they don’t ask much from us. If children are placed in a good environment and things are nice and working properly, it might help us receive a better product.

School Updates

After one month of this new school year enrollment is over 250 students. Initial estimates were that MCTS student enrollment would be about 175, however efforts made by school administrators and alumni members might enable those numbers to reach as high as 300 before the 2014-2015 school year ends.

Halfway through this football season our Whippets are undefeated. There are 3 games left with all games beginning at 4 p.m. on Thursday October 2,9 and 16. The girls volleyball team has a 3-3 record. They have represented their school well, even in the losses.

The MCTS Alumni Association has made great plans for the Annual Thanksgiving All Alumni Reunion Weekend planned for Thanksgiving Weekend 2014, Friday and Saturday. This year’s theme is “Leaving Footprints On The Sands Of Time” to honor the 50 year celebration of the graduation of the class of 1964. There will also be a re-dedication of the new athletic field with a tribute to former Whippet Bertran Edwards who had his ashes spread over our old athletic field years ago.

Community spruce up is an ongoing task undertaken by residents of the community led by Cleon Jones and others. The Community Gardens is well manicured and community sore spots are being dismantled. Plans are underway for a halloween gathering at the Community Gardens on Halloween night. We would love to see every elected person representing the Africatown Community attend this affair. They all will be invited.

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