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Trumpeting Triumph Over Castro: New President Yearns to Turn Back Time


By David Underhill – MOBILE, Ala. – Most American cities have official sister cities sprinkled around the globe. Mobile’s include Havana, Cuba. This happened three decades ago through the unorthodox efforts of a few Mobilians. They decided to ignore the chronic Cold War anti-commie fevers of the time and focus instead on the three centuries…

Trump’s Seven Techniques to Control the Media


By Robert Reich – Democracy depends on a free and independent press, which is why all tyrants try to squelch it. They use seven techniques that, worryingly, President-elect Donald Trump already employs. 1. Berate the media. Last week, Trump summoned two-dozen TV news anchors and executives to the twenty-fifth floor of Trump Tower to berate…


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Trump Home Town in Germany Not Interested in US President-Elect


By Derek Scally – The Irish Times – Donald Trump’s ancestral home in southwestern Germany has no interest in being the next Moneygall. Instead locals in Kallstadt, a Palatinate town of 1,200 people from where Trump’s grandfather Friedrich left in 1885, say they have as little interest in Trump as he apparently has in them.…

We Need a New Democratic Party


By Robert Reich – As a first step, I believe it necessary for the members and leadership of the Democratic National Committee to step down and be replaced by people who are determined to create a party that represents America – including all those who feel powerless and disenfranchised, and who have been left out…

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Did ‘Fake News’ Elect Trump?


The Big Picture – By Glynn Wilson – In the Huge wave washing over the American landscape after the tsunami of Donald Trump’s surprising ride to president of the United States on a surfboard constructed of bullshit, mainstream news organizations and Democrats are beating up on Mark Zuckerberg and poor Facebook, blaming the widespread sharing…

Bernie Sanders Calls on President Obama to Stop the Pipeline by Declaring Standing Rock a National Monument


By Glynn Wilson – Bernie Sanders’ new political revolution is calling on the American public to get involved to help stop the Dakota Access Pipeline in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, by putting pressure on the Obama administration to designate a “Standing Rock National Monument” on the site of the protest by the Lakota Sioux reservation…

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Colonial Pipeline Explosion and Fire Under Investigation


By Glynn Wilson – The National Transportation Safety Board has opened an investigation into the Colonial Pipeline explosion and fire in Helena, Alabama, which killed one worker and seriously injured four others. The major gasoline pipeline, built in 1963, that had already busted in September and was leaking, causing fears of a gas shortage in…