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Expedition of Rediscovery Western Journey Timeline


By Glynn Wilson and Walter Simon – On a mission to investigate what’s going on with the pipeline protest in Cannonball, North Dakota and the privatization of the national parks out west, we departed from Mobile, Alabama on Friday, Sept. 23, and drove for about 8 hours to Jonesboro, Arkansas, where we hooked up with…

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Navajo Nation Council Committee Votes Against Grand Canyon Tram


By Roger Clark – Grand Canyon Program Director – The Law and Order Committee of the Navajo Nation Council voted unanimously Monday against legislation that would allow the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade tramway resort to move forward, according to the Grand Canyon Trust. The proposed project would ferry up to 10,000 people a day to…

Can the Red Wolf Survive in the Wild?


By Glynn Wilson – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has announced it will begin implementing a series of new actions based on the latest scientific information to save the endangered red wolf from extinction. The best science now available shows the captive population is not secure for the foreseeable future. With only 29 breeding…

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A Modern Exodus: Movements of the People


By Walter Simon – RED CANYON, Utah — After 9 years of teaching, trying to get the financial support of the local community to be a living working artist, and searching for true love, I feel now like a lot of people from Alabama, that she took me for granted. Maybe this is her true…

Volksmarch Up Crazy Horse Memorial Leads to Insights


By Walter Simon – CUSTER, S.D. – Fortuitous Mojo granted us the luck of landing in Custer, South Dakota, where we planned a stop-over on the way to Yellowstone. We had no idea until yesterday that today, Sunday, would be one of only two times a year the public are allowed to scale the mountain…

Presidential Election

What Happens After Trump Loses?


By Robert Reich – I recently got a call from a political analyst in Washington. “Trump is dropping like a stone,” he said, convincingly. “After Election Day, he’s history.” I think Trump will lose the election, but I doubt he’ll be “history.” Defeated presidential candidates typically disappear from public view. Think Mitt Romney or Michael…

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