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Oh Shenandoah in Spring: How the Fawns Escape the Bears


“Oh-skan-ohn-doh in Oneida.” – Secret Vistas – By Glynn Wilson – BIG MEADOWS, Va. – Finally. It’s 1:47 on a Sunday afternoon. Me and my loyal dog Jefferson are taking a break in the camper van, aided by a little afternoon air conditioning — and an April shower on the mountain in May. It’s been…

Full Corn Planting Moon in Maryland


Secret Vistas – By Glynn Wilson – PATAPSCO VALLEY STATE PARK, Md. – As the sun went down on Sunday, May 3, I was walking my dog Jefferson around the outer loop of the campground along the ridge top and noticed the full moon coming up over the horizon. It was so orange it looked…

Camper Van Living Week Two: Wildlife in Greenbelt Park


Secret Vistas – By Glynn Wilson – WASHINGTON, D.C. – Shhh. Don’t tell anybody. Just between you and I we wouldn’t want to spoil the secret of this place. But it is a fact that in the distance of a short train ride from the nation’s capital, you can be camping in a federal campground…