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President Obama Declares Bear Ears in Utah a National Monument


By Glynn Wilson – Navajo hideout Bears Ears in southern Utah will now be protected as a national monument. President Barack Obama signed the proclamation Wednesday to protect this land for future generations “Thanks to his action, this land will be finally given the legal reverence and protection it deserves,” said Russell Begaye, President of…

Experiencing Wild Yellowstone Would Make the World a Better Place


Secret Vistas – By Glynn Wilson – YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wy. – Standing still in a mountain meadow as snowflakes begin to fall on a herd of bison along Beartooth Pass, you get the feeling of arriving in an ancient and distant land before human civilization began to eat away at nature and churn the…

Wyoming Replaces Alabama as the Most Conservative State in the U.S.


The Word ‘Liberal’ is Experiencing a Resurgence in American Life – By Glynn Wilson – Could it be that the people of my home state are finally starting to get their news online and waking up to the ravages of run amok corporate capitalism and the do-nothing nature of conservative Republicans who don’t know how…