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Voting in Mississippi, 2014 and 1964


By Robert Reich – Mississippi used its new voter-identification law for the first time Tuesday — requiring voters to show a driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID at the polls. The official reason given for the new law is alleged voter fraud, although the state hasn’t been able to provide any evidence that voter…

Hey Alabama: You Can’t Thank God for Mississippi Anymore


Alabama Citizens Rank Last in Ability to Afford Healthcare and Medicine – By Glynn Wilson – The poor people of Alabama can no longer afford to sit back and thank god for Mississippi. They might thank a doctor governor for not taking a pay check, but that’s about it. He has abandoned the people in…

Wyoming Replaces Alabama as the Most Conservative State in the U.S.


The Word ‘Liberal’ is Experiencing a Resurgence in American Life – By Glynn Wilson – Could it be that the people of my home state are finally starting to get their news online and waking up to the ravages of run amok corporate capitalism and the do-nothing nature of conservative Republicans who don’t know how…