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Resurrect the Slave Ship Clotilda, Save Africatown and Rectify History


By David Underhill – MOBILE, Ala. – Maybe it once made sense to allow the police to put bad dudes out of business by seizing their stuff. “Civil forfeiture” gave cops an OK to snatch dope dealers’ cash, vehicles and other assets without having to wait for trials and convictions. But these seizures became so…

Republicans Rob Public Education Funding With Alt-Facts


EDITOR’S NOTE: Republican legislators in Montgomery are monkeying around again and turning more public education funding over to private schools. They claim 5,793 scholarships have been awarded under the Alabama Accountability Act, but numbers from the Department of Revenue show that only 127 people have asked for the tax credit allowed when a child is…

Federal Court Strikes Down Race-Based Alabama Legislative Districts


By Glynn Wilson – The gerrymandering plan rammed through the state legislature by Alabama Republicans after they took control in 2010 has now been thrown out by a three-judge panel of federal judges in Montgomery as an unconstitutionaly overtly race-based map. A three-judge panel of the Federal District Court in Montgomery unanimously agreed that in…

A Prayer for Alabama Legislature: Bless Us With Disaster, Sweet Jesus


By David Underhill – MOBILE, Ala. – A prayer for the Alabama legislature as it reconvenes in a special session, following another special session that failed to find funding enough to allow the state’s Medicaid services to function at a level keeping the needy alive. Schemes to finance the services with a lottery, or with…

Alabama Governor Bentley Releases Details of Call for Special Session


MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Alabama’s embattled Governor Robert Bentley released details of his call for the Special Session of the State Legislature on Monday, although the chance of a successful conclusion is in doubt due to controversy. “This call is designed for the Alabama Legislature to address adequate support of essential state services including children, the…

What’s at Stake in the August Special Session?


By Hank Sanders – MONTGOMERY, Ala. — What will this looming special legislative session bring? Will it bring fiscal solutions for Medicaid? Will it bring solutions for the hemorrhaging General Fund? Will it bring expansion of Medicaid? Will it bring long lurking gambling efforts to a head? Will it bring better or worse public education?…

Governor Bentley Calls Special Session For Lottery Vote


By Glynn Wilson – MOBILE, Ala. — While the greatest political show on earth was going on live from Philedelphia on the Internet and most television news channels, with one of the greatest orators to ever occupy the Oval Office addressing the Democratic National Convention and calling on the election of Hillary Clinton to be…

Everything’s Connected: Alabama Medicaid and You


Back bone connected to the shoulder bone, 
Shoulder bone connected to the neck bone, 
Neck bone connected to the head bone
, And that’s the way it goes — Dem Bones – By Pippa Abston, MD – You probably recognize that verse — you may have sung this more recent secular version or the original by…

HUGE Medicaid Crisis Looms in Alabama


Critics Say More People Are Going to Die Needlessly Due to Legislative Inaction – Watch this shocking video to see what legislators are saying about the inevitability of many people dying due to the budget shortfall. – By Glynn Wilson – MONTGOMERY, Ala. — More sick babies, old folks and poor people are just going…

Concerned Citizens to Converge on Montgomery for Medicaid Hearing


By Glynn Wilson – A number of people from across Alabama have indicated they will converge on Montgomery Wednesday, April 20, when a joint committee of the House and Senate will hold a hearing on the problems of funding Medicaid in the state. After Governor Robert Bentley refused for the past three years to accept…

Charter School Bill Passes: Follow the Money


Education Matters – By Larry Lee – Even an amateur swami with a cloudy crystal ball could have told us how the recent vote to approve charter schools in Alabama would play out. In fact, he didn’t even have to look at his ball, they could have looked at 2014 campaign financial disclosures instead. There…