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Trump is Making America Stoned and Drunk Again


The Big Picture – By Glynn Wilson – WASHINGTON, D.C. — While it may seem easy to be lulled into a spring stupor with the fine cool weather in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, it is hard to avoid going into shock with all the strange news coming out of the Trump administration. Around here they…

Trump Faces Deepest Crisis of Presidency With Comey Memo


The president may have obstructed justice in pressuring FBI director to drop Flynn investigation – By Chris Strohm and Steven T. Dennis – Bloomberg News – Donald Trump is facing the deepest crisis of his presidency after contents of a memo written by James Comey when he was FBI director surfaced Tuesday, alleging that the…

Forty Percent of Americans Want Trump Impeached Already


By Glynn Wilson – Less than two weeks into Donald J. Trump’s tenure as President of the United States, already 40 percent of Americans say they want him impeached and removed from office in an unprecedented public backlash to his policies, according to a new survey just out from Public Policy Polling. Yet it is…