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Looking Back on Tumultuous Year, 2016


Connecting the Dots – By Glynn Wilson – What a year it has been. Whether you liked it and prospered or were horrified by some of the stories and events, it was a year to remember, even if many people would simply like to forget. To write a year in review column, I was looking…

Navajo Nation Council Committee Votes Against Grand Canyon Tram


By Roger Clark – Grand Canyon Program Director – The Law and Order Committee of the Navajo Nation Council voted unanimously Monday against legislation that would allow the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade tramway resort to move forward, according to the Grand Canyon Trust. The proposed project would ferry up to 10,000 people a day to…

Expedition of Rediscovery Western Journey Timeline


By Glynn Wilson and Walter Simon – On a mission to investigate what’s going on with the pipeline protest in Cannonball, North Dakota and the privatization of the national parks out west, we departed from Mobile, Alabama on Friday, Sept. 23, and drove for about 8 hours to Jonesboro, Arkansas, where we hooked up with…