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NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Poised to Enter Jupiter’s Orbit


By Glynn Wilson – As Americans party by the water, gorge on barbecue and take in the fireworks shows on the Fourth of July 2016, space scientists from Florida to California will be consuming coffee and staring at computer screens waiting to see if the Juno probe will successfully enter the volotile atmosphere of Jupiter.…

Robert Reich: The Five Principles of Patriotism


By Robert Reich – We talk a lot about Patriotism, especially around July 4th, but we need also to take to heart its five basic principles. First: True patriotism isn’t simply about waving the American flag. And it’s not mostly about securing our borders, putting up walls and keeping others out. It’s about coming together…

Independence Day Fireworks From Washington, D.C.


Watch the video – WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 4) — We made our way from the Hungry Mother State Park — after a cool summer night July 3 in the mountains by the creek — through the crowds in the nation’s capital on Friday to a Pentagon parking lot by the Lady Bird memorial, where we…