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Contemplating the State of Things on Thoreau’s 200th Birthday

Thoreau's Walden Pond

By Glynn Wilson – WASHINGTON, D.C. — Henry David Thoreau is one of the founding fathers of American activism and civil rights as well as science and environmental writing. Clearly my own life and career are inspired by my own reading of Thoreau. I mean I got rid of most of my worldly possessions about…

Mobile Civil Rights Activist Jerry Pogue Dies at 80


EDITOR’S NOTE: During the turbulent 1960s when the civil rights movement made Selma and Birmingham Alabama infamous, turning Martin Luther King Jr. of Atlanta and other activists into household names, including Fred Shuttlesworth of Birmingham, there were other activists in other cities who never became so well known. The political and business establishment of Mobile,…

Controversy Continues Over President’s Visit to Selma on Fiftieth Anniversary of Selma-to-Montgomery March


By Glynn Wilson – MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The controversy between the White House, Georgia Congressman John Lewis, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and African-American Alabama political leaders continues and has not been resolved, according to information obtained by the New American Journal on Saturday. The SCLC held a press conference in Montgomery on Friday reiterating…