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Mardi Gras in Mobile Has Become a Circus

DSCN0568 160x120 - Mardi Gras in Mobile Has Become a Circus

By Catherine Bullock Rainey – Arts Editor – With the glamor of a Broadway show and the ambience of a carnival, Venardos Circus brings a whole new light to entertainment and the festivities of Mardi Gras. “We are proof that the circus is not coming to an end!” announced ringmaster and producer Kevin Venardos during…

Cirque du Mardi Gras Comes to Mobile Art Space


By Catherine Rainey – Arts Editor – While Mardi Gras in Mobile holds its own captivating charm, another spectacle will take place during the long-standing tradition this year. In early February, Venardos Circus and Alabama Contemporary Arts Center, formerly Space 301, are collaborating by putting together a performance art piece for all audiences entitled Cirque…