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Cool Dispersed Camping at 10,000 Feet in Colorado


By Bob Wells – STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Co. — After Randy and his group left Leadville for Salida, Colorado, I knew we had a record-setting heat wave coming so I liked the idea of staying up at high elevation. I decided to start working my way north so my next stop was Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I…

Views of Grand Tetons National Park


By Bob Wells – I always try to break up my posts and have some variety so today I’m going to post photos from last July when I was in the Grand Tetons National Park. For a long time the Grand Tetons have been on my Bucket List of places to intensively photograph but the…

Clearing Up the Hysteria Over Proposed Fees on Public Lands


By Bob Wells – There is an uproar going around the blog-o-sphere right now about proposed new rules that govern use of Public lands. I’ve had several people write me very concerned that our right to use Public Lands was at risk and we would either be kicked off the land or be charged for…