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Maya Angelou Inducted into Women’s Hall of Fame

Hawking award

    By Kimberely Blackburn – Delta Digital News Service – LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Arkansas Women’s Hall of Fame inducted Maya Angelou along with eight other women and one convent into its 2017 class Thursday evening in the third-annual award ceremony held at the State Convention Hall. Immediately preceding the event, the board…

One Big Unfinished Bill Clinton Promise Hillary Should Embrace


Bar corporations from deducting all executive pay in excess of $1 million – By Robert Reich – What can be done to deter pharmaceutical companies from jacking up prices of critical drugs? To prevent Wall Street banks from excessive gambling? To nudge CEOs into taking a longer-term view? To restrain runaway CEO pay? Answer to…

Bernie Sanders Nominates Hillary Clinton for President


Will the American public buy Bill Clinton’s version of reality or Donald Trump’s Idiocracy? – The Big Picture – By Glynn Wilson – It was a historic moment on Day Two of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia when Senator Bernie Sanders stood up with the Vermont delegation to place Hillary Clinton’s name into nomination…