Prison Overcrowding

Death Penalty Drug Sparks Controversy in Arkansas


By Kimberely Blackburn – Delta Digital News Service – VARNER, Ark. — The last man Arkansas plans to execute in April is not a saint. Sentenced to life for the 1998 death of University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff cheerleader Dominique Hurd, Kenneth Williams escaped in 1999 after 19 days in prison. Williams robbed and…

Eight 100 Million Dollar Ideas for Prison Reform in Alabama


By Stephen Cooper – Guest Column – Instead of wrapping an $800 million dollar ($1.5 billion over 30 years) albatross around the necks of Alabamians to build four new super-prisons, here are eight $100 million dollar ideas, each of which, I respectfully submit, are more efficient and morally sound ways to tackle Alabama’s prison problems:…

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley’s Prison Plan Called Misguided, Reckless


A national best selling author, attorney and advocate for prisoners and justice in Alabama says Governor Robert Bentley’s plan to close some prisions and build more isn’t the answer for fixing the state’s broken system. Bryan Stevenson, the head of the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, calls Bentley’s plan to build four new prisons “misguided…