Why Are Unions, Union Workers Supporting Donald Trump and Other Republicans?

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In an interesting new development, the AFL-CIO has come out with a new video showing that Donald Trump does not pay his bills and cannot be trusted as president.

While many union workers across America and especially in places such as the South and Alabama are supporting Republicans for office and even actively supporting Trump for president, the national union leadership knows union workers would be better off with a Democrat in the White house.

According to a statement just out from Richard Trumka, President of the national AFL-CIO, one of the main qualities union leaders look for — and count on — from anyone who aspires to occupy the Oval Office, is “trustworthiness.”

“Voters need to know that we can trust our president to be truthful,” Trumka says. “Marty Rosenberg thought he could trust Trump to pay what he owed for the work Marty’s company did on the Trump Taj Mahal casino. Marty quickly found out that was a mistake.”

Watch and share this video to make sure voters know that Donald Trump cannot be trusted to put working people first.

Rosenberg, a small-business owner in Atlantic City, found out the hard way exactly how untrustworthy Donald Trump is and the full extent of his disregard for working people.

“While this is a sad story, we shouldn’t be surprised,” Trumka says. “Donald Trump has a long history of busting unions and outsourcing his own products to low-wage countries. Lying to working people and refusing to pay them for their time and expertise sounds like the status quo for Trump. This shows how destructive a Trump administration would be for all of us.”

So then why are so many rank and file union workers and local union leaders in places like Alabama support Trump and other Republicans? This comes as a mystery to many Democrats who seem to think anyone who has a good paying union job would automatically vote for Democrats. But surveys show that about 70 percent of union workers vote Republican.

Sources tell us that the AFL-CIO of Alabama is being heavily influenced to support Republicans by the conservative anti-Obama United Mine Workers of Alabama, the United Steelworkers locals in this state as well as electrical workers and other building trades such as some United Association locals, which just a few years ago were supporting Democrats and even helping to build the economy for a new Web Press to counter the corporate conservative press in this state and across the region and the country.

If you are a Democrat, a Republican or an independent voter who believes dishonest Republicans like Donald Trump should not get anywhere near the White House, reach out to your local union leadership and demand to know why they are supporting Republicans with hard-earned union money. Ask the national union leadership to step in and demand answers from the locals for how they are wasting their money supporting Republicans.

In the last couple of election cycles, unions in Alabama helped to elect corrupt politicians such as Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, convicted felon and former Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard, and unethical judges like Chief Justice Roy Moore, who is on his way to being ousted from that elected position for the second time.

They are also to blame for defeating Terry Dunn for a position on the Public Service Commission, simply because he tried to do the job he was elected to do by calling for hearings to question the rate structure of public utilities in the state, most notably Alabama Power.

Many other non-profit groups in Alabama are trying to figure out a way to create a better future here, so why are Young Republican chapters poppping up in union halls across the Southern states and Alabama?

Is it just racism and ignorance at work or are there other reasons why union workers support corrupt Republicans for public office?

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