Are You Tired of the Freak Show Yet?

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The Big Picture –
By Glynn Wilson

MOBILE, Ala. — It’s beginning to look a lot like spring on the Gulf Coast. Today is the day clocks will spring forward and give us an extra hour of sunlight. But that does not mean all is right with the world. It never got cold enough this winter to kill any bugs, so the mosquitoes are already out in force.

While I support national and international calls for protection of the world’s biodiversity, I still wish we could do something about the pests that haunt us, causing not only people to run indoors on warm days, but the spread of diseases like the Zika outbreak, on the rampage in South America.

The world’s premier scientist from Alabama, E.O. Wilson, is arguing today in the New York Times for a massive expansion of wildlife refuges to preserve species we have yet to discover and name. But out West, the anti-environmentalist cowboys and their favorite politicians continue an all out fight in the other direction, calling for the privatization of public land already under federal protection.

What is the average American supposed to think? How are they supposed to know how to vote when it seems the mainstream media and the Republican establishment are in denial, pushing a story line that they are working hand in hand in their unprecedented, non-stop assault on the “short-fingered vulgarian” named Donald Trump, who they would have you believe, augurs the destruction of the Republican Party.

But as Neal Gabler writes in today’s New American Journal, “Trump isn’t the destruction of the Republican Party; he is the fulfillment of everything the party has been saying and doing for decades. He is just saying it louder and more plainly (explicitly) than his predecessors and intra-party rivals.”

He is not, as Mr. Purple America David Brooks writes, also in the New York Times, the opposite of what the Republican Party has stood for. “For almost a century-and-a-half, the Republican Party has stood for a certain free market version of America – an America that’s about openness, that’s about markets and opportunity, and a definition of what this country is,” Brooks writes, a clearly pretentiously false view of anything resembling reality.

Why is he still published by the Times and commenting on National Public Television again? He is the epitome of media commentators loved by the big corporations that now run everything. He’s all fair and balanced and reasonable, from the political right, down to the short hair, no beard, blue suit and purple tie. The world could explode into all out nuclear war and this guy would still be telling people to stay calm and keep their money in the stock market. This is the MoFo who replaced William Safire?

“The real story – one the popularity of Trump’s candidacy has revealed and inarguably the biggest political story of the last 50 years — is the decades-long transformation of Republicanism from a business-centered, small town, white Protestant set of beliefs into quite possibly America’s primary institutional force of bigotry, intellectual dishonesty, ignorance, warmongering, intractability and cruelty against the vulnerable and powerless,” Gabler writes, much more accurately.


Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is sanguine, watching the crazy Republican debates from the sidelines, knowing perhaps what Sun Tzu said: “When your enemy is in the process of destroying himself, you shouldn’t get in the way.”

She can be the mainstream candidate who appears sane in an insane world and slowly pile up enough delegates and super delegates to take the Democratic Party’s nomination over Bernie Sanders almost without lifting a finger.

The real question is, what will happen when it comes time for the American people to decide whether to show up and vote in November?

Will the crazies on the right be more fired up by Trump? Will enough women and African-Americans be fired up enough to show up and make Hillary the first woman president in American history?

If the Obama FBI is going to indict her for sending and receiving classified e-mails on her private server while she was Secretary of State, I wish they would go ahead and do it already. We still have time to make Sanders the nominee. If not, then the Obama administration should issue a statement that no wrong doing was involved and put the story to rest once and for all.

This next election is far too important for these crazy games to continue much longer. Clearly the Republican establishment and big media waited too late to go after Trump. The destroy Trump campaign is not working. It’s only backfiring and making matters worse.

We may as well elect Ammon Bundy president. Let’s just go ahead and shoot everything and everybody and bring on the end of the world. Either that or let’s get on with trying to fix things.

I don’t know about you, but I’m growing damn tired of the freak show.

© 2016, Glynn Wilson. All rights reserved.