Judge Roy Moore Turns the Screws on the Public Again

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Thank You Jere Beasley and Alabama Trial Lawyers

How is this whako a judge?

How is this whako a judge?

By Glynn Wilson –

MOBILE, Ala. — I wonder if Jere Beasley and the Alabama trial lawyers are happy now? Old Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore is making headlines around the country again in another stand in the courthouse door, this time against a growing federal legal movement to allow gay people to marry.

I predicted this would happen and tried to get the trial lawyers in Alabama to support building an alternative, independent Web Press in Alabama in the last several election cycles so we might be able to shine enough of a reality spot light on the political situation to get the people to elect more reasonable people to the bench.

Instead, the renamed Alabama Association of Justice, formerly the Alabama Trial Lawyers Association, led by the Beasley-Allen law firm, threw their money behind getting so-called “moderate” Republican judges elected to the state Supreme Court and the Court of Civil Appeals. They supported the likes of Charlie Graddick and Roy Moore on the premise that they were not big “tort reform” advocates. In other words, they might allow some jury verdicts and big money awards to stand rather than tossing them all out as the pro-big business, conservative Republican courts have been doing for more than a decade now.

Is there one example that proves this money was well spent? Uh, no. What we have instead is the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court defying the federal courts and standing in the way of justice, again.

If Roy Moore is an example of what Jere Beasley and company think is a “moderate,” I guess George Wallace was a close friend of the black man.

I wrote a story trying to explain to the people of my home state what the real problem is with the courts, and the story was read around the country and the world. But it didn’t seem to seep down into the deep dark places in Alabama where it needed to reach – if people really want to change this place for the better.

How Karl Rove Took Over the Alabama Supreme Court and Created a ‘No Win Zone’ for Citizens

While the New York Times and every blogger in the country is now making fun of Moore and Alabama again, no one is telling the story behind the story. If gay people and the progressive Democrats who support their cause as the next battle for human and civil rights want to understand who the true enemy is, it’s not just a bunch of conservative Alabama dumbasses who got Moore elected again. The trial lawyers and the Newhouse monopoly media company al.com are as responsible as the rednecks.

Of course even most union members in Alabama are also cheering Roy Moore’s defiance. The unions have also opted out of a plan to build a better press in the state and are even in defiance of the national unions where it is understood that there needs to be an alliance of trial lawyers, unions, environmentalists, women, and urban progressive Democrats if we are to move forward and not backwards as a nation, a state and a people.

Judge Roy Moore’s so-called legal “philosophy” of putting god at the heart of American Law is not based on facts or reality. It is his personal fantasy based on his reading of biblical scholars who were writing before Galileo proved that the earth revolves around the sun, not the other way around.

I faced down the judge in a reporters roundtable on the outskirts of Montgomery in August, 2003, right after a federal judge ordered his granite rock carving of the Ten Commandments out of the state Supreme Court building. I wrote about the case for the Christian Science Monitor.

Commandments fray goes beyond Alabama

Not long after that, when Moore defied the federal judge’s order, he was removed from office. How he got back on the court must be a mystery to people who don’t pay close attention to the news or who rely almost exclusively on talk radio, Fox News or al.com for information. But it is not a mystery to me and those who read the best alternative, independent news source on the Web Press.

If you are looking for someone to blame, look no further than Jere Beasley and his cohorts among the trail lawyers of Alabama. Will anyone win a case here ever again? I doubt it. But stay tuned.

Meanwhile, if you want to read the words of a mad man who doesn’t understand how the law works in America, read Judge Roy Moore’s idiotic order defying the federal courts.


The sad part is the governor of Alabama and the top law enforcement officer in the state, Attorney General Luther Strange, are also going along with Moore in his defiance for political purposes. This all could have been prevented. But nooooo!

The Newhouse brothers are making lots of money off the traffic this crazy judge brings in, laughing all the way to the bank. And everyone, and I mean everybody, in Alabama just goes along with it. Sad and pathetic.

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