Republican Senator Joni Ernst’s Story Has to be Complete Bullshit

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Joni Ernst for U.S. Senate in Red Oak, Iowa: Shealah Craighead

Eschew Obfuscation
By Michael Douglass –

Does it occur to anyone else that the Joni Ernst story about bread bags on her shoes has to be complete bullshit?


Michael Wade Douglass

She’d wear holes in them on the way the to goddamn bus fer crying out loud.

I read over the Internet that you’re supposed to wear them over your socks.

Sometimes I think of Barack Obama as a Dungeons and Dragons character. You know, he’s only got so many spells and potions and magical weapons. So many charisma points. So many wisdom points. His political capital is finite. We don’t know how much he actually has. Maybe he’s actually being resourceful.

I think like this sometimes.

It was a great speech. I hear. I didn’t watch it. Well, I watched the post game.

I watched the fuck out of Joni Ernst though. Did ya catch the gummies in the corners of her rictus?

She’s awesome.

She could be better than Bachmann.

She’s a senator.

It’s a good trade.

Thing is, this woman is just not bright. Totally Stepford. And she’s a fucking hypocrite. Her stump story is bullshit. Her family received all kinds of government farm subsidies and if she actually was poor it was under Reagan. To Republican men, she’s a token. On the other hand, she may end up the heat and light that Palin never had a shot at. Palin was too stupid and they were desperate for a woman. At least she didn’t let loose with that ridiculous goose laugh.

The poor woman is going to be briefed and debriefed relentlessly on what to say when there’s cameras and microphones.

I can’t wait for her to go rogue.

When is the GOP gonna figure this out and at least foist a woman with intelligence?
They do it on purpose. The set the bar really low, they anoint a token dingbat and out of one side of their mouths they are pro women and out of the other side they tell the shriveled up white dudes that everybody knows the bitches can’t be trusted. Republican men view all women besides their mothers as whores. I’m being fair here by judging them on their policies.

I think like this sometimes.

Or, the Republican really do suffer from an ideological myopia so profound and disgusting.

Maybe it doesn’t matter.

I can barely tell the difference between Democrats and Republican anymore.
Maybe it doesn’t matter.

What I can tell you is that Republican are just so ridiculously obvious. Shameless. They take the gullible and the ignorant for granted. They count on them.

I’ll also point out that about half of us buy into it and the other half buys into that.

Two men say they are Jesus. One of them is lying.

What if there is no Jesus?

Drinks for my friends.

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