One Step Forward, Two steps Back

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Eschew Obfuscation
By Michael Douglass –

I know this kind of deceitful seduction has been a part of American politics since our republic was born.


Michael Wade Douglass

But my mind is made up.

Up until now, as cynical as I am, I bought into it.

I hoped.

I did.

I’m guilty.

But what I see now is a breach of trust that threatens to, and probably should, divide the democratic party in the same way the tea party has divided the GOP. In some ways for the same reason. Purity. The only real difference being that the tea party is developmentally challenged and real democrats can breathe through their noses. It’s a fundamental difference but it doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

So yeah, a last minute must pass spending bill. We’ve seen this movie before. Republicans were tolerated and even encouraged to shut down the government over what, health care for people who couldn’t afford or otherwise couldn’t get it? That’s why they did it and they were fucking proud of it. It cost their party nothing. They were lionized. Heroes were made.

What we have here is spineless democrats who won’t even consider shutting down the government to prevent big banks from doing the same things they did to cause the second greatest financial disaster in American history. They won’t do it to keep the taxpayer from hanging his ass in the wind for a $300 trillion gamble instead of the the filthy rich who clean up when the ridiculous risk pays off but lose nothing when all is lost. They won’t even consider doing it to stop the moneyed from being able to spend seven to 10 times more to buy the politicians that make it even more convenient to do it again.

Seven to 10 times more. Think about that. It makes whatever you and I might contribute completely meaningless.

They refuse to make a stand for what are supposed to be the core principles of what the Democratic Party is supposed to be about. The defense of the middle class, the protection of the poor, minorities and the disenfranchised. It cuts another $93 million for food assistance. The amendments to this spending bill, written by Citigroup and overtly lobbied for by the likes of Jamie Dimon, are insanely avaricious and nothing at all else. The democrats can’t even consider the threat of shutting down the government as a symbolic gesture over things they goddamn well know that no average middle class citizen could eat without puking.

Even if one were able to carefully explain these issues to the average bible thumping god and guns neanderthal Republican, he’d come up swinging.

If democratic leadership is unwilling to draw a line in the sand here, for these things, then what good are they?

The Democratic Party now audaciously begs the question, what is the difference between them and the evil empire? Obama, Harry Reid and company are no longer content with merely being the resident poltergeist. They are now shamelessly complicit, more than willing to meet the devil at the crossroads in broad daylight and sign over the soul of America in the form of the “cromnibus”.

They sold us out.

Maybe we should just hasten our demise, vote for Mitt or Jeb or any other flavor of corporate fascist with a ridiculous first name and get it over with.

Be done with it.

What’s the goddamn difference?

I’ve never quite owned this feeling before.

The feeling that no matter what we do, we’re fucked.

Drinks for my friends.

Republished with permission from BrainSpank.Org.

© 2014, Glynn Wilson. All rights reserved.