Africatown Residents Win Victory Over Industrial Zoning in Historic Community

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An aerial view of Africatown and the site of the proposed tar sands crude oil tank farm

Africatown News –
By Joe Womack –

On December 16, 2014 the Africatown Community attended a meeting hosted by The Yorktown Baptist Church to voice their opposition to local industries attempt to re-zone a section of Africatown just North of The Community Gardens from residential to industrial.

More than 150 Africatown residents, supporters and friends stood up and vehemently made their voices heard to local business leaders and everyone downtown that they have done their part in the past and now it’s time to take dirty, heavy businesses somewhere else.

Two days later, the Mobile Planning Commission heard their voice and by a vote of 9 to
1 ruled to deny industry their attempt to re-zone part of the Africatown Community heavy industry.

On Monday, January 12, 2015 at 6 p.m. Councilman Manzie will moderate another important Community meeting at the Hopewell Baptist Church to hear what the residents of Africatown want for their community. Any wants, ideas and needs of any Africatown residents should be voiced at this time. The Africatown CDC will make a presentation of some plans put
together to enhance the beauty and value of the community. Councilman Manzie also has some ideas he would like to share with the community.


The Whippets continue to show improvement every day. Student enrollment hovers near 260, the girls and boys sports teams continue to play well. The boys basketball team remain
undefeated. Overall grades and test scores are up and a new Big Brothers and Big Sisters mentors program begin in December. Everyone is waiting for renovations to the athletic field to begin as $52,000 has been approved by the School Board for renovation purposes.


The MCTS Alumni Association has begun an Oral History Program To interview Africatown elders and produce a DVD and written manuscript about Africatown and Mobile County Training School. About $2,000 has been set aside for this project which should take about 3 months.

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