Controversy Surrounds Mobile Alabama’s Art Walk

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MOBILE, Ala. — A video tells the stories from December’s Art Walk, where controversy spurred a movement to set the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest gathering of Santa’s Elves. The count fell short.


Art Walk, Mobile, Alabama

But according to observers, it would was great to see such a large and diverse number of people having a great time downtown on a mild December night.

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  1 comment for “Controversy Surrounds Mobile Alabama’s Art Walk

    December 14, 2014 at 6:01 am

    yes elves~exciting stuff—-i see cathedral square is completely empty of its usual artists that come to share their creations during our 2cd friday artwalk,but due to a small few of galleries making complaints to the city of “those people” taking their art sales,warnings were published that enforcements would commence on people without business licenses or vendors permits,and it scared the artists away.( ive not seen a single city person actually doing this-just warning from the people that started this)
    Charlie Smoke of the mobile arts council is asked about this controversy ~on several occasions~ and his response to it is ” its been greatly blown up by people who enjoy the idea of conflict “.
    I am one of those so called ” conflict enjoyers “….and i would like to take this time to say….NOPE
    in over 6 years ive participated in Mobiles ArtWalk—–peacefully and without a single problem
    this is so much more than just blowing up a situation for the sake of….the controversy didnt necessarily start over the idea of permitting but more over the conniving and underhanded sneakiness that brought it forth from people who supposedly promote art growth in our beautiful city. I do agree there have been a few that have jumped in on the band wagon that seem to be professional boycotters, i dont really know how to respond to that other than……ive NEVER even seen them show art at an artwalk~
    i have met so many young and upcoming artists that are confused and wanting to show their art….listen to your artists Mobile,because weve got what it takes to help build and promote together the downtown areas growth in so many of its unused areas. I have faith that something will come of this that is fair to everyone. But shuffling important issues from one side and calling it petty because it doesnt go with your personal agenda,isnt going to resolve anything.
    I am a licensed artist in the city of New Orleans jackson square,and i will continue to support this city because it supports the arts—-i will be paying my business license there.

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