The Lugubrious Liberal Skirt

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Eschew Obfuscation
By Michael Douglass –

Guess what pisses me off?


Michael Wade Douglass

It’s a rhetorical question.

Precious liberals who quake at the very notion of Obama being anything less than the liberal messiah.

I am sick of this shit.

I criticize our savior and panty waste liberals piss themselves over my abhorrent blasphemy.

I’m an apostate.

A stranger in a strange land.

Instead, all you hand wringing “liberals” waste time and energy on indignancy over the latest birther conspiracy theories. Like the idea that Michelle Obama was born a man and therefore cannot be the mother of the first daughters Really? Without a doubt if these people appear in front of you in the streets, take the time to piss all over their shoes. But otherwise, pay them no mind.

Grow up. He’s part of the machine. When it comes to the military industrial complex, he is but a cog. When it comes to America’s overt and unchecked aggression around the world, Obama doesn’t dictate policy, he merely manages it for public consumption.

If he screws it up, liberals are perceived as soft on terror and law and order and we suck in the mid term elections and risk the general. Because the fear has been mismanaged. The President of the United States manages perception and expectation. He does not dictate policy. Policy has been the purview of oligarchs and plutocrats for decades before our current commander in chief was even born.

Get over it.

Grow the fuck up.

And yes, your vote counts because the more you vote, the more your vote counts. If voting didn’t count there wouldn’t be such elaborate efforts to suppress it. Efforts that are breathtaking in audacity. Hundreds of thousands of women and minorities disenfranchised because the bastards understand they cannot possibly win a fair fight. Get used to the idea of choosing between the lesser of two evils until the majority of progressives show up at the goddamn polls every time.

Consistency. When this happens, we will be heard and change will occur.

But you don’t show up.

Even though we are the majority.

People who care, people that want economic equality, people who want justice, people who realize how pointless perpetual war is, are the majority. Not just in this country, but across the globe.

It’s far easier for the opposition to manipulate the stupid than it is for our side to inspire the intelligent. It’s so much easier to fool a man than it is to convince him he’s been fooled.

Organizing liberals is like herding cats.

We are a nation at war. It is what we do. We have spent all but a few decades of our entire history doing exactly that. We spend more than half what the rest of the entire world does on it. Like a trillion dollars a year. Really. That’s sick. We could cut our “defense” budget in half and solve poverty, homelessness and infrastructure. We could provide free health care and education for every single citizen. Other countries do it all the time. They pay for all that. Because they don’t make war their main business.
But we don’t.

Because we are led to believe we should be very afraid.

Does that sound like a profound addiction to violence to you?

An abominable addiction to fear?

Is it any wonder that we are perceived by the rest of the world as a country of loud mouthed assholes?

We have earned that distinction by killing inordinate amounts of people all over the goddamn planet for our entire history.

Even our own from time to time. It was quite convenient.

We really are badass.

It’s not Obama’s fault. But it is his problem.

It is our problem.

He’s not handling it particularly well these days.

Neither are we.

We don’t win wars anymore. We fight them. We start them. The two longest wars of our history are our two last wars. Obama pisses me off because he’s in his second term and he’s not refusing any of it. He won’t do it. He’s polite. He’s respectful. Reasonable. Qualities I confess I admire. But I can’t stand it anymore. He’s being as much in the face of insanity. He could lead. He could roll the dice and risk it all. Say what he thinks and force what he knows. But he won’t. He may just be our last best chance before we have a third world war.

But he won’t.

I can’t stand it.

We the people, have to make him.

That’s the way it works. That’s the way it always works. It’s the way it’s always worked.

Otherwise we just start bombing the shit out of brown people again. Like we are now. Tens if not hundreds of thousands will die, many of them innocent civilians and when it’s all over, it will be way more fucked up than when we started. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before. Over and over and over. Every goddamn time we do this we succeed in only making it worse.

And then, we just must go in and clean it up yet again. We just must. Yet again. Yet again. Over and over again.

And the scary thing is this, that’s the idea. This is what your leaders, your elected representatives WANT.

So some of you liberals get all fierce and brave and block me from your pages for broaching the subject. For being unpatriotic. For being less than American. For pointing it out.


You endorse aggression because of fear. Fear of ISIS or Ebola or immigrants or Islam.
I seem to remember a time when liberals were pragmatic and I’m pretty sure it coincided with conservatives being stupid but sane.

The evil elite count on your confusion, your disillusion, they count on it, they have come to expect it. The stupid are always certain and vote with conviction, the well informed always have doubts because they are intellectually responsible by nature and are confused because they are open minded and just plain curious. So they end up sacrificing the good for the sake of the perfect and throw their weight and vote behind some ridiculous goofecock like Ralph Nader. You people really chap my ass.
Get a grip liberals.

You are the difference. You are the majority. If you just show up and vote consistently, you get able bodied employment, the ability to compete in a global market. All of it. No more slack jawed morons rewriting textbooks in Texas to promote creationism in classrooms, no more revocation of a woman’s right to actually vote or dominion over her own biology. No more banks preying on you with egregious policies and interest rates. No more flammable tap water and carcinogenic air and soil and food.
All of it because that’s what Americans want, and if Americans vote, we can have it.
Think about that.

You will never get everything you want. But if you don’t show up and participate, you will only get what you don’t want. You will only get what horrifies and disgusts you. Like now. And it will be no one’s fault but your own.

This blog is dedicated to my facebook friend Lizzie Borden who passed just the other day at the ripe young age of 76. I will miss her fierceness and wit in defending common sense, compassion and her ardent defense of humanity. She was a beautiful fish in a sea of cynicism. May she rest in peace and may her family be comforted by the fact that she always took the high road and never feared to tread and resist in the company of those who would forgo decency for avarice, to battle against those who would forsake love for power.

She was a gorgeous human being.

Drinks for my friends.

Republished with permission from BrainSpank.Org.

© 2014, Glynn Wilson. All rights reserved.