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Eschew Obfuscation
By Michael Douglass –

We are this close to the midterm elections and the goddamn GOP is about to close it hard on irrational fear.


Michael Wade Douglass

Isis and Ebola.

Fear porn.

How did we get here?

Completely random elaborately imagined clusterfucks that would not survive the advent of oxygen or sunlight if applied. I am sick to death of fear masquerading as politics.

As reason.

The phenomena says two things about the American electorate. Neither one is pretty. The first reveals that by and large, most of us are dumb as fucking sticks. Exasperatingly gullible. The second one is not much better. It says that progressive, forward thinking people are still too goddamn lazy or passive to muster a counter offensive to such ridiculous bullshit.

It’s unbelievably absurd that this late in the game, republicans can so conveniently and confidently count on the stupid, that they can actually be an efficacious tipping point in these midterm elections. It’s unreal to me. I’ve seen it happen over and over in my lifetime and I still can’t believe it. Republicans call on the idiots and they show up in droves and democrats sit at home because they just aren’t quite afraid enough.
I am in awe.

The Orcs mass at the drawbridge while the democrats enjoy the first course of baby arugula with gorgonzola and candied almonds and a delightful raspberry vinaigrette. We hear there is some sort of garlic roasted chicken on the way.

We’re so arrogant and complacent, so self righteous and magnanimous to imagine that our celebration and luxury of the upper moral hand is a luxury that we have somehow earned and much, much worse, deserve.

The teabillies will not win this election, we will lose it.

If it goes badly this November, it won’t because they lied and thieved and stole every vote they could. It won’t be because they cheated an disenfranchised minority democrats and women. They can and will do all these things. They are doing all these things. They are enabled by the highest court in the land. It is absolutely rigged by ugly, shameless, racist justices. It’s awful and disgraceful and completely true. The hypocrisy of the highest court in the the land is invasive and cloying.

There remains no question that in this age of entertaining the notion of impeaching and prosecuting the president of the United States, that we should instead be legitimately evaluating the impeachment and prosecution of various members of the supreme court for reasons far more compelling and egregious.

Over half of the highest court in the land is occupied by bought and paid for by good old boys. They attend, speak and acquire remuneration from the filthiest of the filthy. They never even contemplate recusal. Profoundly corrupt as evidenced by their decisions as much as their abject failure to decide. I am so with the notorious RBG. She’s my heroine. Otherwise, they are a scorch as well as a scourge on democracy and perhaps the single best reason to get your ass to the booth.

Having said that, if we lose, it will be because not enough of us showed the fuck up.
If voting in America were compulsory, no one would ever give a mad fuck what the 99% thinks or even wants. No contest. We would be a true social democracy and the bastards would still be rich as hell but they would not be in a position to rob us blind. To suck every last drop from us. To dictate social policy. To shame the most stupid among us into voting against their own best interests because of christian family values. To sell us so much fear and distraction that so many actually believe that Ebola and Isis are an actual credible threat to day to day life.

The idea that Isis or Ebola represent an existential threat is the property of obtuse.
It is the silliest and most illogical nonsense I have ever witnessed and yet, it’s working.

If we lose it’s because we are in an irreparable state of moron.

Once again, America takes my breath away.

Fuck you.

Drinks for my friends.

Republished with permission from BrainSpank.Org.

© 2014, Glynn Wilson. All rights reserved.