Hiking and Camping at Patapsco Valley State Park, Maryland

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A couple of young deer, a buck and a doe, along the Campground Loop Trail: Glynn Wilson

Secret Vistas –
By Glynn Wilson –

SOMEWHERE IN THE WOODS NORTH OF D.C., Md. — We made it back to the Patapsco Valley State Park this afternoon in time to explore further along the Campground Loop Trail to the River Ridge Trail.

Brought the Nikon along and snapped a few pics. May post more in the a.m. For now it is quiet time in the campground, and the moon is almost full.


The full moon over Patapsco Valley State Park: Glynn Wilson


The Campground Loop Trail: Glynn Wilson


The Patapsco River at the end of the River Ridge Loop: Glynn Wilson


The River Ridge Trail: Glynn Wilson


A red bellied woodpecker hard at work on a tree: Glynn Wilson

At the bottom of the mountain we crossed the railroad tracks and Jefferson ran and jumped into the river. That dog loves the water. What can I say?


Jefferson makes his way to the Patapsco River: Glynn Wilson

We hiked even further up the trail the next day, Thursday, and got more shots with the iPhone.


The union built a dam here once by the railroad tunnel. The people removed it in 2010: Glynn Wilson


A bridge over the Patapsco River: Glynn Wilson


Berries frame the railroad tunnel along the Patapsco Valley State Park Union Dam Trail: Glynn Wilson


Autumn color is beginning to show up in Maryland: Glynn Wilson

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