Comic Cowboys Satirize Mobile Establishment on Fat Tuesday

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Comic Cowboys go down on the Mobile water works board for caving in to the PlainsSouth pipeline through the area’s fresh drinking water reservoir: Glynn Wilson

MOBILE, Ala. – The Comic Cowboys poked jabbing fun at the establishment in the rain on Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras Day. Big Oil pipelines came under fire, as well as the new Chamber of Commerce Republican Mayor and the cops. Alabama’s Nick Saban and Auburn’s Toomer Oaks were also the subject of the cowboy’s wit, while they paid homage to partying amigos in Colorado, for legalizing marijuana this year.

Watch the video here:


Comic Cowboys give a nod to the folks in Colorado for voting to legalize marijuana for recreational user: Glynn Wilson


New Chamber of Commerce Mayor finds himself the butt of a joke: Glynn Wilson


The cops take a hit: Glynn Wilson


Bare breasts are shunned at Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama, but cross dressing dancing celebrities are fair game: Glynn Wilson


Comic Cowboys make fun of Mobile in Mardi Gras floats: Glynn Wilson


Comic Cowboys lead the Mobile Mardi Gras satire game: Glynn Wilson


Alabama football’s Nick Saban takes a hit: Glynn Wilson


The cops are not immune: Glynn Wilson


Comic Cowboys lead the Mobile Mardi Gras satire game: Glynn Wilson


Knights of Revelry, whipping the crowd into shape before the Comic Cowboys came on stage: Glynn Wilson

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